Oh to be Adventurous!

The Brook

The Brook


Colorado certainly has its fair share of beauty.  But what many people forget is that we are not alone out there.  On our recent trip to Alvarado Campground we discovered that the hard way.  Alvarado Campground is just outside of the twin towns of Silvercliffe and Westcliffe.  Both great little towns.  We were able to score a great site! Super private and secluded .  We were trying out our little backpacking tent for the first time and we were very excited to be out testing it out.  On Saturday, we went for our typical Saturday hike.  The pictures below were taken on that hike.  It was beautiful to say the least.  Unfortunately, I was only able to get pictures of one of the creeks.  Right as we were descending on the second creek we ran into a black bear spending his afternoon eating the red berries that surrounded us and the creek.  Fortunately we are fine and he ran off.  Needless to say, we didn’t stick around and take any pictures of the creek.  Despite that, I hope you enjoy the pictures from the other creek.  It was serene.  Scenes like these really let you sit back and drink in the beauty that is all around us, sometimes you just have to be adventurous enough to find it.


On a side note.  I took a few classes on shooting in Full Manual Mode recently and I am excited to say that all of the pictures you see here were taken in complete manual mode!  Enjoy!


Caitlin Flock

Caitlin Flock has a background in Architecture and Design. She has been focusing more on photography since 2009 where she studied abroad in Europe while studying Architecture. Since 2009 Caitlin has focused mostly on Architectural and Natural Photography.


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