Spring in Denver

Dating Mallards

Mallards out for a Swim in Washington Park, Denver


Spring has finally arrived in Denver!  Boy is sure took forever, we were still having snow storms in May!  I guess that’s the joy of living so close to the Rockies.  I don’t know about you, but we were sure getting some cabin fever.  We’ve been getting out and going on hikes more (pictures to follow don’t worry) however, the double edged sword of so much snow means a lot of moisture and minimal fires but it also means that when it’s 90 in Denver the roads above 10,000 feet are still closed and snow covered let alone the trails.  It seems silly trying to rent snow shoes from REI when it’s 90 degrees out doesn’t it?!  Denver is literally the best of both worlds in every sense of the word I guess.

So we’ve been staying at lower elevations for now, and have had plenty to do.  The other day I was shooting an event in Denver’s Washington Park.  If you’ve never been there I highly suggest a visit it is a beautiful park and a beautiful area.  There are plenty of great shops and restaurants within walking distance of the park as well.  Below are a few pictures of the new spring life in Wash Park.


Caitlin Flock

Caitlin Flock has a background in Architecture and Design. She has been focusing more on photography since 2009 where she studied abroad in Europe while studying Architecture. Since 2009 Caitlin has focused mostly on Architectural and Natural Photography.


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